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Visualize. Understand. Engage.

Looking for an artsy technologist?

I will help you summarize, simplify and visualize your content!

In English & auf Deutsch!

A hand drawing sketchnotes

Beautiful live transcriptions at your event for more reach and visibility.

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A collage of severall visualizations drawn by Malwine

Visualizing your content to help people understand and engage them.

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Sketchnote Workshop

Sketchnote workshops which inspire and motivate, also as team event.

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Drawing of a person working with a computer

Artsy Technologist

Malwine works at the intersection of technology and art. On her current mission she educates about the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation. She loves learning, creating and explaining everything around technology focussing on keeping the internet an open, free and accessible space. Malwine graduated in computer science and worked as a software developer for several years. Learn more about Malwine!

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Photographes by Jan Stępień. All rights reserved.