My name is Malwine. I am strategic thinker at the intersection of technology, process optimization and business development. When I code I am passionate about anything web from progressive web apps to virtual reality.
I also work with sketchnotes to visualize information and help people understand complex matters.

Contact: malweene@mailbox.org

Mastodon: malweene@toot.cat

Twitter: @malweene


What are your pronouns? She/her.

What’s your name and how to pronounce it? My name is Malwine. You pronounce that "mahl-vee-neh". For publishing I prefer to use my first name only. Thank you!

How to attribute your creative work? If you re-share my creative work attribute it by adding my website malweene.com in the credits next to the work. On Mastodon, Twitter and Instagram you should use my handle @malweene.


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