In 2020 I will be offering inspiring hands-on sketchnote workshops! These workshops are all about learning to draw and communicate effectively. You can book a workshop for your team or your event!


The workshop engages the attendees on a high level and lets them explore their unknown potential. Previous attendees have been delighted to see which amazing results they can achieve in a short time.

"Thanks to the workshop I understood that sketchnoting is a beautiful craft. Malwine moved us through the basics and left us with time to practice everything at a proper pace. It was great to know even someone not very good at drawing such as myself can make use of sketchnoting and enjoy all the benefits of it."

Manuel, Clojure Developer

Workshop facilitator showing how to draw shapes
Workshop facilitator demonstrating how to draw banners

“The highlights of the workshop were: Malwine’s enthusiasm, watching other people be creative with their sketchnotes, and realising that taking notes this way is more efficient and fun! Most of my physical and digital notes are now sketchnotes. :)”

Venkatesh, Software Engineer


Attending a sketchnote workshop:

  • Improves communication and understanding within a team or a group
  • Offers a fun and accessible team event
  • Initiates a creative process for the attendees
  • Helps people grow their skills

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction of the group and warm-up drawing exercise.
  • Introduction to sketchnotes, their benefits, usage and how creating sketchnotes can help you understand and remember complex information.
  • Theory: Explore active listening and picture superiority effect.
  • Practical exercises to learn the basics of sketching:
    • graphical toolkit and symbols
    • faces, humans and emotions
    • shapes and containers
    • fonts & typography
  • Tips and tricks:
    • Preparation you can do before sketching: information to look up/research, seating
    • During sketchting: taking pictures, layouting etc.
    • Materials & tools advice: sketching digitally or with paper & pen
    • Sharing your sketches: social media advice/hashtags, protecting your work/licensing
  • Practice sketchnoting a lightning talk or interview another attendee and sketchnote the information you receive
  • Share and discuss final sketches.


Material such as paper and pens will be supplied. Attendees are welcome to bring their own materials (journal, watercolors, markers, pens etc.).


This workshop can run in-house for teams and at events such as conferences. A separate room with tables or an area with a long table is required.


There are shorter and longer versions of this workshop. I recommend a full work day, shortest length is 2:10 h.


Intrerested? Let me know:

Photographes by Jan Stępień. All rights reserved.