Visualize. Understand. Engage.

Visualizations can be used to illustrate a variety of content. In most cases the goal is to simplify complicated or abstract concepts and document processes to help recipients understand and remember.

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What can be visualized?

Almost all content can be visualized including talks, videos, papers, company values, political situations, podcasts and whatever material you provide :)


Just like with sketchnotes there are a number of benefits of using visuals. You can use visuals for:

  • Social media outreach and online visibility
  • Simplification of abstract content
  • Accessible documentation
  • Improved understanding for content consumers
  • Lasting memory effect

How does it work?

Step 1 - Reach out with your idea. I’m interested in a variety of visualizations projects.

Step 2 - Get a tailored offer.

Step 3 - Visualizing for you with the material you provided.

Step 4 - Receive high quality results which you can distribute or print out.


I have recently worked with the awesome team at Indec (in cooperation with the communication experts at Schwalbenfisch) to visualize Indec’s company values to poster size Sketchnote visualizations.

Indec Logo Schwalbenfisch Logo


I’m curious to hear about your visualization idea. Reach out and you will receive a quote.