Sketchnoting is a fast and engaging method to visualize and simplify content from a wide range of sources like conference talks, articles or podcasts. The combination of words and drawings help recipients understand and remember information especially technical or abstract concepts. You can hire me to sketchnote at your event or visualize your content. Below a small collection of my work:

All machines do not work
A session held by Alia and Winnie at Mozilla Festival.
Posted on October 27, 2019

In this session Winnie and Alia shared experiences of internet shutdowns, service outages and hardware failures in Kenya and Egypt. These events cause massive losses for people who organize their business or their activism over social media such as Facebook or Instagram. We need to explain to people that we need backups for technology as we have for water and elictricity.

The miseducation of this machine
Posted on July 14, 2019 - [Video Source]

This sketchnote titled "The miseducation of this machine" summarizes a talk by Laura Laugwitz on current research on machine learning and hate speech detection. The term miseducation describes the indoctrination with white supremacy instead of teaching Black history and presence. So who holds power over the truth? Attempting to make machines think or imitate thinking we need to understand that humans are the ones who educate and miseducate machines and algorithms.

Internet Shutdowns
Posted on July 1, 2019 - [Source Collection below tweet]

This sketchnote attempts to raise awareness about internet shutdowns which are globally on the rise. Internet shutdowns are intentional disruptions of internet or electronic communications to control the flow of information, stop and silence protests and cover up human rights violations.

Posted on June 12, 2019 - [Source Collection]

This sketchnote says: What is going on in Sudan? A peaceful revolution demanding a political transition led by a civilian administration. After 30 years of violent dictatorship and prices for food and fuel skyrocketing in December 2018 the people of Sudan started a months-long peaceful sit-in protest on Khartoum's streets. The protests are political debates, knowledge exchange, cultural celebrations, art exhibitions, music concerts, supported by bakers and medical staff and organized by the Sudanese Professional Association. In April 2019 president Omar al-Bashir was forced from office but a military council took over. They started a violent counterstroke against the protesters which peaked on June 3, 2019 killing and raping hundreds of people while shutting the internet down. Sudanese people then started a civil disobedience while the military council received financial aid from Saudi Arabia. Help now by raising awareness, donating, contacting your government representatives and join demonstrations.

Learning how to learn
Posted on July 1, 2019 - [Video Source]

This sketchnote titled "Learning how to learn" summarizes a talk by Vaidehi Joshi. The Feynman Technique gets introduced, a technique to test our understanding and challenge our assumptions. If applied the technique makes you a better explainer and the knowledge that you will share more accessible.

Unintended Consequences
Posted on June 2, 2018 - [Video Source]

This sketchnote titled "Unintended Consequences" summarizes a talk by Kim Crayton. Privilege is about access. Underrepresented is about numbers. Marginalized is about treatment. Diversity is about variety. Inclusion is about experience. Not About equality or quotas.

Protective Optimization Technology
Posted on September 30, 2018

This sketchnote titled "Protective Optimization Technology" summarizes a talk by Seda Gürses. Optimization systems collect data, quote on quote understand data and start optimizing users lives. But there is a potential that they also start manipulating users as seen with Camebridge Analytica. Thus, Seda Gürses specializes in research for Protective Optimization technologies which correct imbalances, protest or sabotage optimization.

Open Schufa
Posted on June 26, 2019 - sketchnoted at the Disruption Network Lab Meetups

This sketchnote about "Open Schufa" summarizes a talk by Arne Semsrott. Schufa is not a public authority. Since 120 years they get data from banks, landlords and phone companies and provide them with your credit score. The algorithm is secret and Open Schufa tried to reverse engineer it.

Posted on May 3, 2018 - sketchnotes at the Ruby User Group Berlin

This sketchnote titled "Federate you, federate me" summarizes a talk by Lisa Passing. Social media plattforms such as Twitter and Facebook will never open source their algorithms or care for the safety of users. So what if a an open source, decentralized and standards-based social media platform would exist? Enter Mastodon! You can own or join a an instance. Follow people on all instances, share and post! Join today!

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