Sketchnoting is a fast and engaging method to simplify, visualize, document and share content of events such as conferences, meetups or company meetings.
The combination of words and drawings help recipients understand and retain information.

It's for you if you want to:

  • Help attendees, listeners and consumers remember your content through concise and enjoyable summaries.
  • A fast and engaging way to gain visibility, promotion of your content on social media and grow your audience.
  • Inspire and involve people with a lasting effect.

An image showing a person drawing sketchnotes with art supplies

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How does this work?

As a sketchnoter I join your event and record your content with pens on paper, on an iPad or on a large canvas. The beautiful summaries of talks or sessions can then be shared on social media or displayed at the event. You may also give the sketchnotes as gifts to your speakers.

What’s the benefit?

There are 5 core benefits of getting a sketchnoter:

  • Fast social media outreach and online visibility
  • Simplification of abstract content
  • Accessible documentation
  • Improved understanding for content consumers
  • Lasting memory effect


Sketchnotes have a wide reach on Twitter. On my account around 5000 people are reached with one sketchnote post. Frequently the sketchnotes go viral and get over 50,000 views.

sketchnote metrics with more than 50000 views

How does it look like?

A collection of my favorite sketchnotes can be found in my portfolio blog post and in this Twitter moment. Also have a look at the links below. They show sketchnotes I published at the following events.

This sketchnote titled 'Learning how to learn' summarizes a talk by Vaidehi Joshi. The Feynman Technique gets introduced, a technique to test our understanding and challenge our assumptions. If applied the technique makes you a better explainer and the knowledge that you will share more accessible.


There are different packages and options to book. Just reach out with your idea and let’s discuss what works best for you.

Photograph at the top by Piotr Szotkowski. All rights reserved.