Information for conferences and press

Conferences FAQ

Should you invite me as a speaker or as a sketchnoter?
That depends of course. Lately I have been more involved in sketchnoting. Feel free to fill out my Sketchnote Call for Conferences.

Which name to use and how to pronounce it
My name is Malwine. You pronounce that “mahl-vee-neh”. Listen to it.
I prefer to use first name only and I’d like you to respect that. Thank you!


Which picture to use?
You should always use this picture:
Drawing of Malwine

Bio for sketchnoting
What is even sketchnoting? It is a way to take visual notes of conference talks and provide them to the attendees and people outside of the conference by sharing them online. People have found them helpful and inspiring. Malwine is a computer science student and software developer who has always been passionate for drawing. In 2015 she go into sketchnoting at a Clojure conference. Since then there have been numerous conferences where she created sketchnotes. With some friends she is currently founding the @sketchnoteclub as a network for sketchnoters across the globe.

Press FAQ

Not super keen on media coverage of myself but always happy to recommend great other people for interviews. Feel free message me and I’ll put you in touch.

More questions?

Get in touch!