Image of myself wearing glasses. On this page you will learn more about me.

Hi! My name is Malwine. I’m an artsy technologist and sketchnoter. I’m working at the intersection of art & technology. Helping people understand is my current mission.

Fun facts:

  • ‘malweene’ is my social media handle and artist’s name.
  • I’m a software developer.
  • I’m also a sketchnoter.
  • Wrote my bachelor thesis about progressive web apps and why offline-first matters.

You can hire me to help you visualize your content or sketchnote at your event.

I love to create open and welcoming spaces where people can meet and learn.

Community projects I’ve been involved in: Sketchnote Club, Critical Tech Meetup, ClojureBridge Berlin, eurucamp, Feminist Comic Network and the Zine and Sketchnote! Meetup

Conferences, Speaking & Press
I give talks and workshops about programming and drawing. You need more information? Please head over to the information page.

Diese Webseite ist zwar auf Englisch, falls du jedoch Fragen hast, melde dich gerne auch auf Deutsch bei mir.


Want to collaborate? Want me to join your event? Like to say hello?
I'm excited to hear from you!