What is this?

Sketchnoting means taking visual notes of conference talks. Illustrating quotes from the speakers or key points from their slides with pen and paper. Then the notes get posted immediately on Twitter with the conference hashtag associated.


  • are the fastest way to promote your content on social media.
  • help attendees remember the content of the talk.
  • help attendees and speakers get into a conversation.
  • inspire and involve people. Many started sketching themselves.

How does it look like?
Find my best sketchnotes in this Twitter moment.

Sketchnotes of Talks by Joy and Lisa


Sketchnotes have an incredible reach on Twitter. With one sketchnotes post I reach around 5000 people on average. Sometimes the sketchnotes go viral and can get over 40,000 views.

sketchnote metrics with more than 25000 views

Where I sketchnoted so far:

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